Almond Saplings


It is of French origin. It has been obtained from a “Cristomorto X Ai” crossing and has received the most positive characteristics of its ancestors: Trees bear fruit quickly, resistance to diseases is high. Abundant and stable productivity, late flowering, high internal yield (40%), absence of double seeds and large size suitable for packaging. It is one of the most preferred varieties because it is almonds. If the garden facilities are to be selected from the tooth almond group, ferragnes should be chosen as the main variety. It is pollinated with Tuono, Ferraduel and Texas. It is an almond sapling variety that must be found in garden facilities.



The homeland of the Ferraduel almond tree is France. It is an almond that emerged from the hybridization of “Cristomorto X Ai”. Tree growth is above the middle. Since it opens its flowers very late, it should be preferred in regions with early frosts. Since tree growth is fast, it bears fruit early, gives fruit abundantly, and there is no plagiarism in the tree. Ferragnes is harvested at the same time as the almond tree. It is from the hard-shelled and toothed almond group, and its internal efficiency is 28%. The inner almonds are very large. Its pollinators are Ferragnes and Texas. It is generally used as a pollinator (fertilizer) of ferradeul almond ferragnes almond in gardens established with French almond seedlings.



It is one of the only almond varieties that will contribute to the development of almond cultivation in our country. It was obtained as a result of the breeding work carried out by the İrta research institute. The variety is a patented variety. The tree growth is fast and broad. It is a self-fertile almond and it is very productive. 90% of the almond varieties established are based on this variety. The resistance of the Vairo almond variety to fungal diseases is excellent. It has excellent yields regularly every year. The rate of twin fruit is zero. The internal fruit weight is around 1.2 grams. It is from the stone almond group and there is no bird control problem.



It is an almond variety of Spanish origin and blooms late. The tree development is excellent and its development is very fast. It is a self-fertile species.. It is a variety that is kept in the domestic market and has a high export chance. The fruit twin ratio is low, the grains are very large. It is among the latest blooming almond varieties and is in the stone almond group. Click for a detailed video about Bertina almond.

                            BERTİNA BADEM FİDANI


Spanish patent product. Grows very vigorously and semi-spreading. It is easy to prune and shape. It is resistant to leaf fungus. Its internal efficiency is 33% and its internal weight is 1.2 grams. Its twin rate is zero and no twin cores. Its interior color is white and attractive. Stone almond is included in the group. Its fruit shape is elliptical. It is very suitable for machine harvesting. Harvest Time and Flowering The harvest date is similar to ferragnes. It is 10-18 days after ferragnes. Due to its flower structure, it bears fruit without bees. However, 1 beehive per 3-4 decares is recommended.

                            MAKAKO BADEM FİDANI